We founded MST with the desire to focus on small to mid size businesses and non-profit organizations.  

MST serves small businesses and the entrepreneurs who operate them through consulting, tax, and accounting services. We work closely with our customers to identify obstacles and develop solutions that help them meet their strategic goals. Our customers represent small businesses ranging from start-ups to mature companies.

Service Overview


For better or worse, the dollars you make are taxed and taxed often. From income tax planning to sales tax remittance, MST helps clients navigate this important element of managing their business and their home. 


Stakeholders in your organization sleep better with assurance that financial information they receive is accurately reported. Owners, lenders, and donors trust the opinion of MST's CPAs. 



Through an intimate understanding of your organization and your short and long term goals, MST helps to define and implement the strategy necessary to identify and overcome obstacles in your way. 


It's been said that accounting is the language of business, yet to many it's greek. MST excels at converting your accounting data to understandable and actionable information.