Jody Thrasher, CPA

Jody Thrasher is MST's resident white-buck-wearing, barrel-chested (self-described), freedom-fighter . Jody served in the Army infantry from 2000 to 2007, which included a deployment to Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom IV. After receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to Montgomery, matriculated at Auburn Montgomery, and married the beautiful Melissa Thrasher. Jody and Melissa have the most-awesome twins under the age of 5 in our firm. 

Jody's primary expertise is in the areas of pine tree and bass pond management, in addition to men's high-fashion and terrorist hunting, as noted above. 

Additionally, Jody has significant experience in serving small businesses and nonprofit organizations by providing assurance and tax services and consulting on small business matters. He has served clients in a variety of industries, including governmental affairs, forestry, agricultural, and nonprofits.

He is active in various veteran service organizations. He is a honorary board member with America's Heroes Enjoying Recreational Outdoors (AHERO), an active board member of Building Our Neighborhoods for Development and Success (B.O.N.D.S), Hands on River Region, and Cloverdale Playhouse. Jody is also a recent graduate of Leadership Montgomery Torchbearers' Class VI.