The importance of the relationship

At MST, we strive to develop a deep relationship with our clients through a comprehensive understanding of their business and intimate knowledge of the goals of its stakeholders. We believe that this thorough understanding makes us a strategic partner in your business - someone you can rely on for objective, timely advice. 

We believe that frequent and extensive communication is essential to the development of our relationship with you. Therefore, we do not bill hourly, as such billing acts as a barrier to good communication. We also understand that your entity desires certainty in what they will be spending for professional services. Therefore, we ensure that we and our clients agree to the scope, pricing and payment terms of every engagement prior to its commencement. 

The importance of assisting you

We believe that one of the most important elements of managing any organization is the allocation of its resources. Assigning everyone at your organization to a role in which they create the most value for your business is crucial. Thus, partnering with MST allows you to create the most value you can for your business while simultaneously enjoying access to information that is both understandable and actionable. 

Our team has many years of experience servicing small businesses and non-profit organizations. We very well understand the challenges you face, including managing cash flows, understanding project profitability, ensuring all bills are paid timely, handling payroll processing and reporting, and obtaining timely and accurate financial statements to understand overall organization profitability. In fact, these challenges are part of the reason that MST has decided to focus on assisting small organizations with their various back office functions. We utilize various cloud-based technologies to assist us in serving our clients, which allows us to be collaborative and provide information that is both timely and accurate.